Quick and accurate
point of care diagnostics

We are developing a small, automated diagnostic device for quick and accurate detection of infectious diseases directly at the point of care.
Our technology is universally applicable for all pathogens, enables multiplex testing and is developed through state of the art bio and nanotechnology.  

With an innovative amplification and super sensitive detection method of DNA/RNA, we minimize the risk of false-negative and false-positive results, 
enabling easy diagnostics for optimal treatment to prevent the spread of infections and antibiotic resistance. 

Videm diagnostics

How it works


Digital meeting with doctor, visit health center if test is needed for diagnosis

Sampling through swab, urine or blood

Sample preparation, analysis and detection in our device

Test results in your phone within one hour

Videm diagnostics

Videm is developed in collaboration with 

Meet our team

Maria Barklund

Co-founder & CEO

+46 763 38 56 75

Petter Barreng

Co-founder & CTO

+46 761 02 85 86

Teresa Zardán Gómez de la torre

Inventor, Ass. Prof. in Nanotechnology

Maria Strömme

Inventor, Prof. in nanotechnology

Aldo Jesorka

Inventor, prof. in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Physical Chemistry

Dag Winkler

Inventor, Prof. in Microtechnology & Nanoscience

Sobhan Sepehri

Inventor, PhD Microtechnology & Nanoscience

Maria has a bachelor in Mechanical engineering from Chalmers and a master in Entrepreneurship and Business Design from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, a perfect combination for her ambition of wanting to improve society through innovative technologies. 

During her studies she has worked half time within business administration, sales, management consulting and project management giving her valuable learnings within business strategy and stakeholder management.


Petter has a bachelor in electrical engineering from Chalmers and a master in Entrepreneurship and Business design from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. Due to his passion for deep technology, Petter has an extraordinary understanding for product development, and is skilled in understanding the customer needs. He is a former elite sailor and spends his free time building electrical circuits and kite boards.


Maria is a pioneer in nanotechnology and has over 40 patents and 600 scientific articles. She is a co-founder of Disruptive Materials and a co-inventor of Upsalite. Besides that, Maria also has several board assignments in a range of national and international research councils and technology companies. Due to her extraordinary work, she has been featured twice in Skavlan and has received several prizes such as Hjärnäpplet, Swedish Women of the Year (SWEA International) and Learning Ladder Prize for example.

Aldo is an experienced inventor with 15 patents and professor in three disciplines at Chalmers. He is co-founder of life science company Fluicell providing single-cell microfluidic research tools and services for scientists worldwide (IPO 2018). Aldo is the inventor of our product and sensor technology. 

Dag has over 40 years of research experience from Chalmers University of Technology, with main research in tunneling in superconductors and superconducting electronics. Dag is co-inventor of our detection method. At Chalmers, he has been the head of the Quantom Device Physics Laboratory, and the head of the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience for 9 years. Previous work experience from ABB Corporate Research and Imego Institute (now RISE).

Sobhan did his PhD at Chalmers and today his research is mainly focused on sensors and materials. He is experienced in technical development and has co-invented our detection method.

Teresa knows everything regarding our nanotechnological development and is currently working with improving the total turnaround time for our device and clinical testing. 

Alexei has over 18 years of research experience from Chalmers University of Technology and is an expert in superconducting quantum interference devices and magnetometers. Alexei is also a co-inventor of our detection method.

Experience in numbers

Successful companies
Published papers

News, grants and more 🏆

32 MSEK grant from SSF

The research collaboration between Chalmers, Uppsala University, KI, RISE and Stockholm University/SciLifeLab received 32 MSEK, in 2014 for R&D to develop a small, handheld diagnostic device for infectious diseases.

Framtidens Forskning

The research behind Videm’s technology is featured in Framtidens Forskning as promising prevention for future pandemics.   

Winner Venture Cup IDEA

Videm got awarded as one of the best business ideas with the highest potential of growth and solid credibility in Sweden, 2020, by Venture Cup.

IVA's 100-list 2021

In may 2021, Videm was featured in Royal Swedish Academy of Engineers 100-list of research projects from Swedish universities that have the potential to change the world.

Time To Raise 2021

Videm and CEO Maria Barklund was selected as one of 17 promising women-led startups in the Nordics to participate in the first cohort of Time To Raise Program. An eight-week program with experienced mentors and industry leaders to promote female entrepreneurs.

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