Accurate, accessible and affordable disease diagnostics.


VIDEM is accelerating the transitioning towards patient-centric care by enabling quick and accurate  diagnostics of infectious diseases at the point of care, in your home or in the field. 

We’re developing a small, handheld and low-cost molecular diagnostic device based on innovative
nucleic acid amplification and super sensitive, multiparametric readout. Our technology has been developed through state of the art chemistry, bio and nanotechnology. It’s universally applicable for all pathogens, enables multiplex testing and provides accurate test results in less than one hour, instead of days. 

VIDEM is developed in collaboration with

Sahlgrenska Science Park


A Swedish biotech company founded in 2021 by entrepreneurs and world leading scientists who share the passion and commitment to give people access to superior diagnostic solutions. We have gathered experience from publishing over hundreds of scientific papers, inventing methods, materials and products, and building companies. 

We’re on a mission to improve the lives of many, prevent the spread of infections and antimicrobial resistance.

Maria Barklund

Co-founder & CEO

+46 763 38 56 75

Petter Barreng

Co-founder & CTO

+46 761 02 85 86

Teresa Zardán Gómez de la torre

Co-founder & Inventor, Ass. Prof. in Nanotechnology

Maria Strömme

Co-founder & Inventor, Prof. in nanotechnology

Aldo Jesorka

Co-founder & Inventor, prof. in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Physical Chemistry

Sobhan Sepehri

Co-founder & Inventor, PhD Microtechnology & Nanoscience

Dag Winkler

Co-founder & Inventor, Prof. in Microtechnology & Nanoscience


VIDEM won Almi Pitch 2022 at Åre Business Forum 2022. 

VIDEM raises 5 MSEK in an initial pre-seed round for pioneering infectious disease diagnostics. 

VIDEM is featured in Royal Swedish Academy (IVA) 100-list of research projects from Swedish universities that have potential to change the world.
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